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CSP Today attendees will have option to visit the Ivanpah Concentrated PV plant

Attendees of CSP Today USA 2014, which takes place 5-6 June, Las Vegas, Nevada (US) will be given the opportunity the visit the operational plant.

The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System is now fully commercial and delegates will be able to get an exclusive first look at the facility on the morning of 4 June. Marco Geraghty the organizer of the 8th annual CSP Today USA event announced the news.

With a power output of 392MW (gross), Ivanpah is the largest CSP project in the world. The plant spans over 3500 acres and features over 170’000 low impact heliostats.

NRG Energy, the largest investor in the project and operators of the plant through its wholly owned subsidiary NRG Energy Services will take attendees on an exclusive tour of the facility. See more information on the site visit here.

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