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DuPont releases new Solamet

DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions introduced the complete DuPont Solamet PV21A portfolio to fulfill emerging cell technology trends at the 2018 International Photovoltaic Power Generation Expo in Tokyo, Japan.

With proprietary design that delivers better contact performance and high aspect ratios, Solamet PV21A metallization paste enables excellent fine line printability that can drive cell efficiency enhancement >0.1% and maintains high throughput in mass production. The optimal balance of good adhesion and low laydown leads to low cost of ownership for cell manufacturers.

The Solamet PV21A product family is designed to fulfill all mainstream cell technology, it also includes product series for advanced printing such as double printing, dual print and mesh cross free screen printing. Industry-leading performance is proven on a variety of substrates such as DWS (Dimond Wire Saw) wafer and black silicon.

At the Expo, DuPont is collaborating with TSEC Corporation to demonstrate the latest solar modules powered by Solamet PV21A, which helps to deliver increased efficiency and higher power output. TSEC, which specializes in manufacturing high performance, top quality mono- and multi-crystal solar cells and modules, has observed 21.75% and 20.3% cell efficiency and module power output as high as 315 watts and 300 watts (60 pcs) in its 5 busbar half-cut design mono PERC and multi-PERC black cell modules respectively. Both high-power modules are protected by DuPont Tedlar PVF film.

In addition to the collaboration with TSEC, the DuPont booth at PV Expo 2018, located at E40-8, will feature collaborations with two of the world’s leading module makers, JinkoSolar and Longi Solar regarding high power and reliable modules protected by DuPont Tedlar PVF film.

A new highlight in the DuPont booth will be the clear Tedlar PVF film with 20+ years outdoor proven performance in transparent backsheet. Clear Tedlar PVF film is the ideal backsheet material for bi-facial modules. Compare to double glass module structure, breathable clear Tedlar PVF film can help to release moisture and acetic acid from EVA layer; in the meantime, the transparent backsheet layer largely reduces module weight up to 30%, which can help to lower transportation and installation costs. It is a ready manufacturing solution that is compatible with current module manufacturing processes.

The DuPont booth also will feature exhibits from DowDuPont Specialty Products Division, including DuPont Xavan weed control fabric for ground mounted systems that helps make system operation and maintenance safer and easier, and DuPont high-performance polymers that enable lighter-weight system installations. 

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