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EasySolar 20 app

EasySolar 2.0 now lets you manage your project using EasySolar project management platform to work faster anywhere you are:

Most sales representatives spend over half of their day on site visits so they can make a good use of PV design & sales EasySolar’s mobile app that is completely synchronised with its professional web platform.

What else is new in EasySolar:

  • Add project with all client data and gps localization when you are in fiel
  • Take notes when meeting your customer using notebook feature in the mobile app and assign them directly to the projec
  • Define 9 colourful blocks with your own statuses names - your business jargon is welcom
  • Assign status to each of your projects and share them with your working partner
  • Once you generate a proposal - the status of the project will automatically change into “customer proposal” statu
  • Use search engine to find your project by: its status, name, customer’s name, address, telephone, email and project owner and the date of last modification
  • Smoother Google Maps design
  • New financial analysis - more support mechanisms, data autocompletion
  • New ways of presenting benefits of solar to customers (bill cost without solar, total savings after 20 years, and more)
  • New proposal - even more beautiful and clear data presentation
  • 15 currencies for different markets (USD, EUR, GBP, INR, ZAR, BRL, PESOS, CAD, AUD, SEK, NOK, PHP, THB, AED and PLN)
  • Spanish language
  • Inverter configuration is not mandatory to generate proposal anymore

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