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Sonnen to Puerto Rico

German energy storage manufacturer sonnen Inc., a specialist in installed and working residential energy storage systems since 2010 and creator of the "sonnenCommunity," announced the "Puerto Rico Energy Security Initiative" (PRESI) to help bring energy security to Puerto Rico, where millions of Americans are currently without electricity.

With over 21,000 actual working installations worldwide, sonnen's energy storage system is uniquely equipped to help provide relief in Puerto Rico, with no delay. In fact, since early 2016, sonnen has had functional energy storage systems installed in Puerto Rico.

sonnen Inc. management has been in communication with its premium partner in Puerto Rico, Pura Energia, since Hurricane Maria hit the island. sonnen and Pura are currently in the process of reaching out to existing customers to ensure that they have critical power and are safe. Still, stable communication between Pura Energia and sonnen has been a challenge due to the extent of the devastation and lack of connectivity on the island. sonnen's next priority is to work with Pura to identify targeted "emergency relief sites," where the German energy storage company can provide a stable microgrid that will make a significant impact on each local community. This includes subsidizing the cost of Pura Energia to install both the sonnen unit and the solar array. As soon as the strategic plan is in place with Pura, sonnen will deploy a team of engineers and technicians to help lead the microgrid campaign locally in Puerto Rico, from system design through final installation.   

sonnen is specifically targeting emergency medical clinics that require power for the refrigeration of medicine, as well as emergency shelters across the island.  sonnen management is also interested in partnering with a clean water filtration company, in order to help complement their effort at each microgrid.

sonnen's immediate objective is to begin building microgrids as soon as possible using their existing, high-quality, and tested product. It is critical to understand that this program is not "in theory" or "of potential" but is instead immediately viable. Ostermann's target is to have the first microgrids up and running in less than a month's time – an ambitious but achievable timeline.

sonnen's manufacturing and engineering facility in Atlanta, Georgia has been continuously shipping energy storage systems to the island since Hurricane Maria hit and they plan on focusing the factory heavily on the "Puerto Rico initiative" over the next several months.

The entire operation is contingent upon establishing a stronger line of communication with sonnen's friends and partners at Pura Energia. "Pura Energia is a well-established, highly respected and recognized name in solar installation in Puerto Rico, we are so lucky to have such a great partner on the ground," said Carlos Restrepo, Vice President of Technology for sonnen Inc. "The Pura team represents the real heroes here, as they are living within the disaster, working to provide relief for people on the island every day. Without their highly capable team and their passionate work ethic, our campaign would not be feasible." 

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