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Solar-Log monitoring

The new Solar-Log WEB Enerest App 1.2.0 offers even more intuitive ways to monitor solar PV plants. The innovative app is specially designed to make sure PV system operators can quickly and easily access the right information on the status of their photovoltaic plants. Data is immediately transferred from the Solar-Log WEB Enerest online portal to the app so solar plant performance details are available on-the-go, from anywhere around the world.

Energy flow – complex data made simple

The Energy Flow chart is now available on the mobile app for Solar-Log WEB Enerest L and XL users.  This eye-catching graphic allows users to view the flow of electricity between the plant, building, grid, and battery. Users can see how much PV power is being produced, how much is being used, how much self-produced power is being fed into the grid. Users can also see if the battery is charging or discharging.  

Inverter performance – rapid fault detection

The balance chart now includes a display of up to 10 individual inverters so users can compare production values. If there is a difference between inverter yields, or if one inverter suddenly stops producing the expected amount of power, the plant operator can immediately detect the error. 

Production target 

The enhanced balance chart now includes a yield target line. The target line provides a clear view of how much solar power each plant is forecasted to produce per individual month. This allows the user to easily determine how well the plant is meeting expected production.  

Intuitive chart navigation

App users can now intuitively swipe through the app to display daily, monthly or yearly charts. 

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