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Extensible Energy has released DemandEx, an inexpensive “virtual battery” for reducing demand charges and increasing ROI for commercial solar projects. The award-winning SaaS solution is easily integrated into new or existing commercial solar systems and can be used to decrease the cost and size of energy storage.

DemandEx uses proprietary AI algorithms to analyze real-time solar production, weather data, utility rates, and building usage patterns. It then dynamically controls the building’s flexible loads for optimized demand charge and Time-Of-Use (TOU) savings. After a one-day installation, the software automatically anticipates and prevents peak demand spikes, delivering 30% savings on the demand charge portion of the utility bill.

DemandEx works best with existing or new solar installations in non-residential buildings, such as offices, schools, universities, churches, retail, and municipal buildings. Building owners can achieve higher solar ROI and a reduced payback period without the extra expense, permitting, and fire mitigation requirements of energy storage solutions. When DemandEx is installed with new PV systems, the cost can also qualify for the 30% solar investment tax credit, providing further savings.

Extensible Energy initially developed DemandEx with the U.S. Department of Energy and has piloted the software with commercial solar projects in Colorado and California. To date, customers have achieved their projected demand charge savings of 20-35% at a fraction of the cost of battery-based demand charge solutions.

Solar plus DemandEx can achieve demand charge savings with or without batteries. Battery storage can be added for backup power and resiliency.

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