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Floating Solar in Cambodia

The floating solar farm installed in Cambodia (2.8 MWp) is a world-premiere for several reasons. It is the first to be built out of a new type of float, the Hydrelio Equato, and the first with a 4-in-a-row setup. Further, this installation is also the first of its kind worldwide to have the Hydrelio solution implemented at a cement plant.

As an investor, Cleantech Solar pays rigorous attention to optimizing the long-term performance of the systems to maximise the bankability of the project and offtaker’s energy cost savings. Hydrelio by Ciel & Terre was the choice for their needs.

The project has also enabled the setting up of manufacturing unit for the Hydrelio floating system in Thailand, creating new job opportunities and skills development for the locals. The proximity of the manufacturing plant to the installation site significantly cuts down the transportation time and cost, resulting in improved efficiency to the whole project cycle.  

Technical aspects

The essential benefit of the Chip Mong Insee Cement floating PV plant is that it optimizes available space. Adding to the 7 MWp solar PV system across multiple rooftops of Chip Mong Insee Cement Cambodia facility, Ciel & Terre’s floating patented Hydrelio system further expanded the PV system capacity by utilizing the otherwise unused surface of the Chip Mong Insee Cement reservoir. The floating solution has helped preserve land while producing more green energy for Chip Mong Insee Cement’s own consumption.  It is expected that the floating PV system will significantly reduce water evaporation, thus helping Chip Mong Insee Cement on its strong commitment towards water conservation. The total capacity of the installation now reaches 9.8 MWp. It is expected to produce 297 GWh of solar electricity across the system’s lifetime, avoiding about 197,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The anchoring solution was realized by Ciel & Terre. 49 anchors were installed on hardly accessible banks via specific tools designed by the company itself.

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