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Fronius inverter

Inverter specialist Fronius is taking solar to the next level with its innovative solar solutions introduced at this year's Solar Power International (SPI) trade show in Salt Lake City, Utah (US).

In booth #2019, Fronius showcases new soft- and hardware solutions for residential and commercial solar applications, including an all-new single-phase inverter generation.

As part of the vision of 24 hours of sun – a future in which 100% of the world’s energy needs are covered by renewable sources – Fronius already offers a number of solutions to support the energy revolution. 

At the center of the Fronius solutions is the Fronius Solar.web online platform, which not only provides state of the art monitoring and online troubleshooting, but also gives detailed insight into the energy situation of a customer. This enables installers to become the personal energy consultant to home owners. Customized solutions that adapt to the needs of individual customers and future upselling opportunities help Fronius installers to differentiate themselves.

The Fronius Symo Advanced three-phase inverter is the first SunSpec Rapid Shutdown certified inverter on the market. The integrated Power Line Communication (PLC) transmitter based on the SunSpec Communication Signal for Rapid Shutdown allows in principle for plug & play connection with SunSpec based modules or module electronics. This eliminates the need for any additional communication hardware and provides the most cost-effective option for code compliance. To better serve 208V three-phase applications, e.g. agricultural buildings, churches or municipal buildings, the Symo product line also includes 208V AC versions.

For single-phase applications, the Fronius Primo inverter is the ideal compact single-phase inverter. The sleek design is equipped with the SnapINverter hinge mounting system, which allows for lightweight, secure and convenient installation. The Fronius Primo 10-15 kW is the biggest single-phase power class in the market and allows for up to 1,000V DC - this makes it the first choice for non-residential single phase applications.

The highlight on the Fronius booth will be the new Fronius Primo GEN24 inverter generation, which provides all the benefits of the SnapINverter and additional features, such as being incredibly compact, easily scalable, quickly to commission via an app, and offering the fastest service solution on the market. This new generation also includes an all-in-one hybrid inverter that combines the functions of multiple devices in one compact device: battery charger, battery inverter, controller and the intelligence to be the operating system of your home’s energy supply.

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