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Growatt inverter

Solar PV inverter manufacturer Growatt has released the ‘SPH’ single-phase hybrid inverter along with an advanced 48V lithium battery for the Australian residential power storage market. 

Before unveiling this product, Growatt tested the inverter and battery for more than half a year with 800+ different tests regarding component reliability, harsh environment reliability and performance reliability to ensure maximum safety for family use. It also has CEC approval from July 2018.

The SPH hybrid inverter can be worked on both on-grid and off-grid modes. 

SPH inverter and battery end users can easily store a maximum 11.4kwh solar power from their roof and use it at peak hours or when a blackout happens.

Also with the Growatt’s Online Smart Service system (OSS), end users can easily monitor their family power consumption and generation from their mobile phone. 

In the near future Growatt will launch the three phase hybrid inverters with larger input and output capacity, suitable for different scenarios.

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