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Hawaii solar programs

Sunetric, Hawaii’s Solar Authority since 2004 and a wholly-owned subsidiary of RGS Energy, welcomes the launch of two new programs, recently approved by the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission (HPUC), which are favorable to solar customers and the local market.

The new programs,Smart Export and CGS+, provide significant incentives in the form of credits to utility customers considering going solar. In addition to the environmental benefits, they are making solar much more economically attractive.

The Smart Export program offers a new option for homeowners installing a rooftop solar system combined with a battery energy storage system. The energy storage system will recharge during daylight hours using energy captured by the solar panels, and then it will power their home in the evening, with an option to export electricity back to the grid. If the utility customer sends power back to the grid during non-daytime hours, they will receive a monetary credit on their electricity bill.

CGS+, also known as Controllable CGS, is the successor to the popular CGS program. Under this new program, CGS+ customers can install a solar system without a storage system, but with special equipment that can export energy to the electric grid during the daytime and allows the electric utility to manage power from the system as required.

In line with these new programs, in recent months Sunetric has broadened its product offerings:

  • PowerStack: was introduced to Hawaii in partnership with Sunnova Energy Corp., along with an exclusive offer that makes installing solar with storage more affordable. Customers can enjoy a 25-year lease program, backed by a warranty. 
  • sonnenBatterie, a smart battery storage solution offered by Sonnen, was introduced to Hawaii residential customers. Sonnen has a history of safety, stability, long lifecycle and worldwide installation integrity.

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