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Fulfilling need for behind-the-meter energy storage

ONEnergy Inc. and Ideal Power Inc.,  a developer of power conversion technologies, announced that the Sunwave Energy Efficiency division of ONEnergy has selected Ideal Power's power conversion systems (PCS) for use in its line of energy storage solutions to be launched in Canada and select US states beginning in mid-2015.

Ideal Power's products will be included in certain Sunwave new energy storage solutions that address multiple commercial and industrial applications including demand charge management, peak shaving, off-peak energy storage, renewables integration, power quality and emergency backup systems.

The deployment of these storage systems will help to fulfill the growing demand for behind-the-meter energy storage and management systems, and increase the availability of energy storage for grid-support and microgrid applications. Ideal Power expects this agreement to promote further adoption of its power conversion systems in the energy storage sector.

Ideal Power's grid resilient power conversion systems, based on its patented Power Packet Switching Architecture (PPSA), enable the integration of multiple power sources including solar PV, battery storage and conventional generators to form stable, flexible, reliable energy on-grid or off-grid. Its PPSA eliminates the need for many of the bulky components comprising conventional converters. This advancement has allowed Ideal Power to develop the lightest power conversion systems with the smallest footprint in the industry, the company reports, making it a modular and easy-to-install solution that lowers installed system costs.

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