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Sonnenbatterie selects Ideal Powers Power Conversion

Ideal Power Inc.,, a developer of power conversion technologies, and Sonnenbatterie, Europe's leading smart energy storage provider, announced today that Sonnenbatterie has selected Ideal Power's power conversion systems, using its award-winning Power Packet Switching Architecture (PPSA), for integration with the commercial Sonnenbatterie system. Sonnenbatterie also has placed initial product orders with Ideal Power for delivery in August.

The first product from Sonnenbatterie for the North American commercial market is based on a 30kW and 24kWh building block creating energy storage systems from 24kWh to 240kWh, which will be used for demand charge reduction for commercial and industrial customers.

Sonnenbatterie leads the German market in lithium-ion energy storage systems for residential customers wanting a reliable system for self-consumption. Sonnenbatterie also offers applications for backup power, enabling energy independence with alternative energy sources to reduce electricity costs for the U.S. market. For commercial customers, Sonnenbatterie's system will help reduce demand spikes that lead to costly peak load charges and takes advantage of varying tariff rates.

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