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  • Solar farm apiary

    Pollinator-Friendly Community Solar Farm

    An unusual combination of beekeepers, cider makers and a solar installation is turning out what is called “Solar Sweet Farm Cider”. The cider is a collaboration with the beekeepers at Bare Honey who tend a family of honey bees...
  • Heliotek
  • Solar Roof Infrared Inspection
  • solar car

    Solar Car Stands Up to the Stress of the Desert

    Students from the Bochum University of Applied Sciences in Germany have been building solar cars since 1999. They are facing their most complex design challenge yet in creating a vehicle to race in the World Solar Challenge next year. The...
  • The energy system MOST works in a circular mannercompletely free of emissions, and without damaging the molecules carrying the energy

    Specially Designed Molecule Stores Solar Energy for Later Use

    A research group from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, has made great, rapid strides towards the development of a specially designed molecule which can store solar energy for later use. These advances have been presented in four...
  • The computer simulation shows how the electromagnetic field is distributed in the silicon layer with hole pattern after excitation with a laser Here, stripes with local field maxima are formed, so that quantum dots shine particularly strongly Picture C Ba

    Machine Learning Improves Photonic Applications

    Photonic nanostructures can be used for many applications, not just in solar cells, but also in optical sensors for cancer markers or other biomolecules, for example. A team at HZB in Berlin (Germany) using computer simulations and machine...
  • Left The newly developed photoelectrode, a sandwich of semiconductor layer TiO2 between gold film Au film and gold nanoparticles Au NPs The gold nanoparticles were partially inlaid onto the surface of the titanium dioxide thin-film to enhance light absorp
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  • Swiss House 2017 Photo by Anne Fischer
  • Comprehensive Tax Document

    SEIA Revamps the Premier Tax Manual for the Solar Industry

    Known throughout the industry as the must-have guide for solar tax and finance issues, the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) is now releasing Version 9.0, the first comprehensive update of the SEIA Solar Tax Manual since 2016. Among...
  • Solar Decathlon 2017 photo by Anne Fischer

    Solar Decathlon Application Deadline Approaches

    The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Solar Decathlon continues to “push the envelope” on the design of the most high-performance, efficient, affordable, innovative buildings while leveraging opportunities to showcase student innovation...
  • Solar permitting
  • SPI 18

    What Not to Miss at Solar Power International 2018

    Solar Power International (SPI) is the leading North American conference and trade show for the solar industry. Run by SEIA and SEPA, SPI draws 20,000 energy industry professionals from all over the world, more than 700 exhibitors and offers 9...
  • Moving to clean energy

    10 U.S. Cities Moving to 100% Clean Energy

    Today, the Sierra Club released a new report showcasing 10 U.S. cities that have made ambitious commitments to be powered with 100% clean, renewable energy like wind and solar. Ahead of the Global Climate Action Summit beginning this...
  • Solar Decathlon
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