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Announcing the Solar Decathlon 2020 Design Challenge Teams
  • spectroscopy in solar cell research

    Solar Cell Solutions Based on Iron

    An international study led from Lund University in Sweden shows that 30% of the energy in a certain type of light-absorbing iron molecule disappears in a previously unknown manner. By closing this loophole, the researchers hope to contribute to...
  • Corn plants grow around the base of solar photovoltaic panels in a field north of Purdues Agronomy Center for Research and Education The panels are part of the Sustainable Food, Energy and Water Systems SFEWS research project intended to examine how to pr

    Solar on Farmland: Co-generating electricity alongside crops

    A team of engineers, agronomists and economists at Purdue University’s Center for Sustainable Food, Energy and Water Systems (SFEWS), supported by the National Science Foundation, are developing novel photovoltaic (PV) module designs for use...
  • Solar Cell Research

    Non-Traditional Uses of Photovoltaics

    The technology behind silicon solar cells hasn’t changed much in decades, although efficiencies have been boosted with incremental improvements, such as a new coating developed at the University of Texas. Pervoskites, however, are one of the...
  • New Jersey floating solar

    Largest Hydrelio Floating Solar System in North America

    Ciel & Terre USA, innovators in floating solar power systems, in conjunction with Solar Renewable Energy, LLC and RETTEW are pleased to announce completion of its made in USA Hydrelio floating solar solution for a 4.4. MWp floating solar array...
  • low carbon footprint
  • More than just solar

    Perovskites Move Beyond Solar Cells

    Perovskites are mainly known in the field of solar cells. Researchers from IMO-IMOMEC, an associated laboratory of imec at the University of Hasselt, and colleagues from KU Leuven, UGent and UAntwerpen, are tuning perovskites also for other...
  • EV chargers keep the cars running
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