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Solar Power International Call for Presentations Now Open
  • Floating solar at sprout farm
  • Solar panel from White House
  • Colorado Community Solar
  • Solar cell research

    Novel Solar Cell Connector Increases Power by 1.9 W

    The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE and Heraeus are researching and optimizing novel, selectively coated cell connectors in a joint research project. The Selectively Coated Ribbon (SCRTM) cell connector achieves an average gain of...
  • Solar farm apiary

    Pollinator-Friendly Community Solar Farm

    An unusual combination of beekeepers, cider makers and a solar installation is turning out what is called “Solar Sweet Farm Cider”. The cider is a collaboration with the beekeepers at Bare Honey who tend a family of honey bees...
  • Heliotek
  • Solar Roof Infrared Inspection
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