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LUMION for cSi cell manufacturing

InnoLas Solutions had a strong 3rd quarter 2019 and booked orders in the value of 7,6 Mio. EURO. Several major orders came from leading cell/ module manufacturers outside China.

The orders are divided between the processing of crystalline solar cells and thin-film processing. After presented the new machine LUMION at the SNEC, some of these orders were placed in the c-Si segment. The thin-film processing orders relate to the DIMENSO machine platform, which has been established in this area for years.

The company sees a good future trend for high level solar cell/ module technologies, where its expertise in high speed and precise laser applications is required.

Photonics Systems Group's core companies are InnoLas Solutions GmbH and LS Laser Systems.
InnoLas Solutions is a leader in laser processing of micro-materials. The group designs and produces customized machines and processing systems for high-precision laser applications in the photovoltaic, electronics and semiconductor industry alongside precision engineering. It supplies renown, globally active customers in the core markets Europe, the North America and Asia. The group has over 100 employees working at its group headquarters in Krailling, Germany, as well as in the US and at several sites in Asia.

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