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Gridco Systems emPower Solution increases service reliability and more

Gridco Inc., a specialist in active grid infrastructure solutions, announced the availability of the only end-to-end hardware and software platform purpose-built to solve current, emerging and future distribution challenges faced by electric utilities, providing them unprecedented levels of power flow control throughout the distribution system.

The Gridco Systems emPower Solution leverages modular power electronics, advanced control algorithms, distributed networking, and sophisticated power system analytics to increase service reliability, improve system efficiency, and defer costly transmission and generation upgrades. This active and intelligent power control enables utilities to more cost-effectively and reliably integrate distributed renewable generation, improve Volt-VAR Optimization (VVO) initiatives for energy efficiency and peak demand reduction, and provide enhanced power quality.

The Gridco Systems emPower Solution is comprised of the following:

·        In-Line Power Regulators— family of multi-function, utility-scale power electronic hardware systems that combine series-connected voltage control, shunt-connected current control, embedded sensing, and control logic to simultaneously provide voltage regulation, VAR compensation, harmonic compensation, power monitoring, and more;

·        Distributed Grid Controllers— intelligent computing platforms that provide coordination and control, data logging, local analytics, data networking, and communications via Secure DNP 3.0 and Secure Web Services; and 

·        Grid Management and Analytics Platform— advanced suite of software that provides remote monitoring and control, data collection, actionable data analytics, feeder optimization, and seamless integration with SCADA, DMS and VVO applications.

The initial product offering includes single-phase 50 kVA IPRs, available in both pole- and pad-mounted configurations. Purpose-built for harsh outdoor environments the ruggedized IPRs have a 25-year life span. Designed to complement existing distribution transformers, they are highly effective at integrating utility- and residential-scale distributed generation as well as enhancing centralized CVR/VVO approaches to unlock stranded energy and demand management savings. IPRs can operate autonomously or be integrated within a utility’s existing SCADA/DMS 

Visit us at DistribuTECH 2014.Gridco Systems is providing product demonstrations and presenting power systems modeling results at booth #813 at the DistribuTECH Conference & Exhibition, taking place 28 to 30 January, 2014 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas (US). 

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