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SCHMID covers the entire solar value chain up to the storage of energy Meet us at booth A2 160

At Intersolar Europe, the SCHMID Group demonstrates that its production systems and energy storages do not only rank among the best in the photovoltaics and energy storage industry, but also convince with their environmentally friendly properties.

As early as 2011, SCHMID founded the Energy Systems business unit in perfect synergy with the PV division and supplies the entire solar value chain up to turnkey production solutions.

With the Alkaline Edge Isolation, SCHMID offers the world’s only alkaline process for edge isolation and rear side polishing of high-efficiency cells which does not require any hard-to-handle nitric acid. The elimination of HNO3 significantly reduces production costs and is also environmentally friendly because no harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) are generated.

The SCHMID Group’s DW PreTex represents a likewise unique and groundbreaking process technology that enables the subsequent processing of diamond-wire sawn wafers with the standard texture (HF / HNO3). Furthermore, SCHMID is opening up new potential for gainings with its proven APCVD technology (Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition). The APCVD systems are ideally suited for the mass production of high-efficiency cells and, for example, for the doping of n-type solar cells with boron or the passivation of rear side contacts. Due to their minimized consumption, these two production systems are also environmentally friendly.

With the product family EverFlow SCHMID offers energy storages based on the powerful and environmentally friendly Vanadium Redox Flow technology. Since the vanadium is dissolved in a water-based electrolyte, the storage is neither flammable nor explosive.

EverFlow Storage Containers can be configured to match the power and capacity requirements of your application. They can be used, for example, as neighborhood power stations in public buildings, with network operators, as off-grid applications or back-up storage.

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