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Intersolar North America held the prestigious Intersolar Award ceremony yesterday to honour significant solar projects in North America, as well as important photovoltaic PV production technologies.

The nine finalists for the Projects in North America award were only a representative sample of the many leaders who use new technologies and innovative methods to drive solar projects to completion. Paula Mints, founder and chief marker research analyst for Solar PV Market Research, US, said "It was very hard deciding because every solar project should be celebrated. We all win with every solar project. Good projects celebrate us all, improve the climate, and do good."

And the project winners are

Free Hot Water, a designer, engineer and manufacturer of high quality solar thermal systems and products, won for its installation of the 15th Street Solar Thermal and PV Project in San Francisco, California providing heating and cooling for 50 student apartments. Free Hot Water was also in the news recently for a project in Africa: "Off-grid Solar Hot Water for African Medical Clinics."

MRI Global won for the management and operation of the Solar Technology Acceleration Center (SolarTAC) in Aurora, Colorado, a world-class solar research and development institute. See the article "Solar Technology Acceleration Center Powering Up."

Trina Solar won for its rooftop solar installation at the Park Villas solar project in National City, California, a 144-unit public housing project that saved each tenant of 70% in energy costs.

Other finalists include: Hopital de Port a Piment, Outback Power; Celina Solar Project #1, Hanwha Q CELLS LLC; Dow Jones & Co. Premium Solar Parking Project, Solaire Generation, Inc.; Martin Luther King, Jr. Charter School Solar System, New Orleans, Louisiana, Sunora Energy Solutions; Progress Solar II, SnapNrack; Staples Garage Solar Project, Solaire Generation, Inc.

Two winners in the PV production category

Merck/EMD Chemicals, a global pharmaceutical and chemical company, won for its Merck Selective Emitter (MSE), a technology for the manufacture of Si solar cells. The process uses isishape SmartEtch etching past, used in the etch-back, single doping process on both mono- and multi-crystalline Si wafers.

Laytec in-line GmbH also won for its LayTec X Link Measurement System. This production system uses in situ metrology for LED and Laser production, and was developed in conjunction with Fraunhofer USA.

Solar Novus Today congratulates each finalist in all categories of this prestigious award. Each and every one plays a role in this growing solar market, which expanded 71% from 2011 to 2012 and continues to show strong growth.

Written by Anne Fischer, Managing Editor, Solar Novus Today

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