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Nancy Skinner, Champion of Change

Intersolar North America, in collaboration with partner the California Solar Energy Industries Association (CALSEIA), will present the second annual Champion of Change award to an individual who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to supporting the development of renewable energy.

In close partnership with CALSEIA, Intersolar named three finalists for the second Champion of Change Award. The winner, former California State Assembly member Nancy Skinner, authored AB 510 which greatly expanded California’s net metering law. She was instrumental in the developed SB 2X, which mandated California’s 33% renewable portfolio standard; AB 2514 that prioritized energy storage for grid wide and distributed energy applications; and AB 39, which funded solar and energy upgrades for schools. Skinner has long been a solar and renewable energy champion, and has worked on global warming and environmental policy since the late 1980s. Ms. Skinner has recently announced she will seek a seat in the California State Senate in 2016.

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