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Ampt String Optimizer

Ampt LLC announced the release of its new String Optimizer, a DC power optimizer with multiple maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and output voltage & current limits to optimize system design and maximize performance of large-scale PV systems.

Ampt will showcase its String Optimizer at several partner booths during Intersolar North America 2014, including the Shoals Booth 9611 and Bonfiglioli Booth 8311.

Ampt String Optimizers are deployed in large-scale PV systems to lower cost and increase performance. This optimized system has twice the number of modules per string and higher resolution MPP tracking than conventional systems without Ampt. More modules per string decreases the number of combiners by 50% and reduces the amount of cabling, which results in significant electrical balance of system savings.

Putting MPPT on each string increases lifetime system production. Systems optimized with Ampt use inverters configured to operate in Ampt Mode. These inverters have a higher rated output power and operating efficiency compared to the same inverter operating in standard mode, the company reports. Delivering more power per inverter reduces the overall cost per watt.

Ampt String Optimizers include the following features:

  • Multiple MPP trackers per PV string to improve system performance
  • Ampt Mode technology to increase inverter output power
  • String Stretch technology to double number of modules per string
  • Patented output voltage & current limits
  • Independent power optimization without reliance on communication
  • Compatible with any inverter and enables HDPV-compliant inverters

At Intersolar North America 2014, Ampt Director of Marketing Mark Kanjorski will explore the topic of PV system cost reduction using Ampt’s new String Optimizer. Kanjorski’s Intersolar talk, 1500V vs. 1000V System with Distributed Electronics: Which Lowers System Cost More?, takes place on Tuesday, 8 July, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. PT at the Intercontinental Hotel, Grand Ballroom A.

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