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IREC Vision Summit

The IREC Vision Summit will convene a broad group of prominent national and state clean energy influencers, industry, advocates and educators for a visionary explanation of the pillar policies, practices and workforce training necessary to enable millions more Americans to benefit from clean energy, while supporting broad climate and equity goals. The outcome of the event – March 6, 2019 in Washington, DC – is a Vision Summit guide to a shared clean energy vision for the future. The deadline for early bird registration is February 5, 2019.

The question of the day: What has to happen next to make bold state, community and corporate clean energy goals a reality?

“The IREC Vision Summit will explore vitally important questions and steps to reach the next milestones to making 100% clean energy goals a reality for more states and more American consumers,” said IREC President/CEO Larry Sherwood. “What are the policy, regulatory and workforce challenges and opportunities and where and how do they intersect? What do state, local and national decision makers need to know to enable more sustainable, resilient, secure power and transportation sectors? What are the gaps, needs, solutions and opportunities to achieve the 100% clean energy future we envision? An extraordinarily broad group of thought leaders will participate.”

Keynote and panels

Keynote address by Rose McKinney-James: “Proactively Advancing Our Passion for Clean Energy with Purpose.” A national role model for legislative and regulatory advocacy for renewable and clean energy policy, McKinney-James has a long history in public service, non-profit volunteerism and private sector corporate social responsibility.

Summit panel themes and descriptions below. 

Panel 1: Optimizing Clean Energy Technologies

What is needed next to quickly deploy today’s technology solutions to optimize distributed energy resources on a reliable, resilient energy grid – including renewables, storage, electrical vehicles and demand response. Where the objectives of large-scale renewables and distributed resources are aligned and where they are at odds, and how bridges can be built to achieve a common vision.

Panel 2. Who Benefits from Clean Energy

As more states and municipalities adopt goals toward 100% clean energy, what policies and programs are essential to provide equal access, including to underserved consumers and communities. From renewables and energy efficiency to clean transportation and resiliency, we’ll look at how solutions are beginning to appear in states, cities and local communities. What’s working, what’s not, what’s most easily scalable. And what are the most promising opportunities.

Panel 3: Rethinking the Utility Business Model for a 100% Clean Energy Future

What is really needed to ensure utilities, their shareholders and investors are supportive and motivated to transition to a 100% energy future – one that supports consumer choice and fair competition for non-utility participants.

Panel 4: Preparing a Clean Energy Economy and Workforce

Within clean energy industries and those with workers who cross clean energy technologies, how to cultivate a diverse workforce at all skill levels of the clean energy economy. What the economic and workforce benefits are for communities, and what training and educational pathways are needed to ensure a quality workforce.

Panel 5: Leading the Transition

Forward focused, the next steps toward policies and cultural changes necessary to achieve our vision. What resources and support decision makers need. What strategies are most effective for scaling clean energy solutions across diverse jurisdictions. Where market-based solutions work and where they fail. And, who else needs to be a part of the conversation to garner the greatest buy-in.

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