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By taking over Energy Depot, KACO new energy is strengthening its competence in the growing market for energy storage systems Image KACO new energy

KACO new energy is increasingly pushing its way into the growing market for power storage. With the acquisition of the Constance-based company Energy Depot, the German PV pioneer is supplementing its range of energy storage systems with a market-ready hybrid inverter and gaining further development expertise. The existing customer relationships of Energy Depot are to be continued and expanded. The Constance location will be retained.

KACO new energy GmbH is expanding its range of energy storage products: The German solar technology specialist has taken over Energy Depot GmbH, a provider of energy storage systems based in Constance, as part of an asset deal. The staff of Energy Depot was informed about the takeover at an employees meeting on October 2.

KACO new energy plans to maintain the Energy Depot location in Constance, and integrate the staff into KACO's global R&D team.

KACO new energy not only gains further development expertise through the takeover, but also an increase in its product portfolio: Energy Depot's products include the Centurio 10 hybrid inverter, which combines solar inverter and battery inverter in a single device and is now available via KACO new energy. The energy storage system based on this received the prestigious ees Award as the most innovative storage solution at Intersolar Europe 2017 in Munich.

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