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Kosovo solar plant in Gjurgjevik

Slovenian manufacturer Rudis d.o.o. Trbovlje has launched Kosovo’s first photovoltaic power plant in Gjurgjevik, in the Kline municipality.

The plant is fitted with an initial capacity of 102 kW and this is to be tripled, as agreed with the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO). Kosovo’s Minister for Economic Development Blerand Stavileci said that the government is aiming to generate some 25% of Kosovo’s energy from renewable energy sources by 2020.

The plant was officially launched on 21 October, 2015 in the presence of Blerand Stavileci, Kosovo’s Minister for Economic Development, George Karagutoff, who heads Kosovo Electricity Distribution and Supply Company (KEDS), as well as other officials of local authorities.

The project was carried out by Led Light Technology Kosovo LLC, a local offshoot set up by Rudis. The panels installed at the solar power plant were acquired by Rudis from Slovenian manufacturer Gorenje d.d.

At the event, Kosovo’s Minister for Economic Development said that the government supports all projects that aim to diversify the structure of Kosovo’s energy generation, with particular emphasis to be put on renewable energy investments. According to Stavileci, his ministry will continue to support such initiatives and lure further investments to the Kosovar renewable energy sector.

Dejan Bas, who served as project director on behalf of the Slovenian company, said that Rudis is aiming to invest in further increasing the plant’s capacity. This in line with other statements by the company.

“At Rudis. we are planning an investment to increase almost thrice the capacity of the plant, for which the preliminary approval of the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) in Kosovo [was] obtained,” the Trbovlje-based firm said in a statement.

At the official launching ceremony, Enver Halimi, the chairman of the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO), which oversees Kosovo’s feed-in tariff system for renewable energy projects, confirmed that further investments are underway in the local renewable energy sector.

Rudis says it is a leading engineering company in Slovenia, specialized in contracting engineering in the field of energetics, ecology, industry and special technologies. The firm’s project portfolio includes thermo- and hydro-power plants, heating plants, combined cool, heat and power (CCHP) plants  for combined generating of electrical energy, heat and cool, communal waste depots and thermal treatment of waste, as well as various transport systems and systems for collecting, treatment and depositing of products.

Written by Jaroslaw Adamowski, a freelance writer who lives in Poland

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