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blueplanet 125 TL3 German inverter technology ensures stable power supply through solar energy in Nepal

An 8-megawatt solar park in Nepal is to contribute to a stable electricity supply and will benefit a school through a lease agreement. The builders rely on the latest technology from inverter manufacturer KACO new energy as well as its system design expertise and were delighted to win the Solar Shark Tank Competition in advance.

The Nepalese government has taken up the cause of expanding grid-connected solar PV projects. The goal is a better electricity supply, from which the country's economic development should benefit. As part of this initiative, a solar park with an output of eight megawatts is planned for the city of Bhrikuti Municipality and neighboring villages in the south-western lowlands. As EPC, the project developers of First Solar Developers Nepal have opted for Solar Solutions Pvt. Ltd., which has been implementing solar projects in Nepal for ten years.

Economical inverters in a turnkey system

The inverter technology that feeds the solar power into the grid comes from German KACO new energy GmbH. First Solar Developers Nepal has ordered the CPSS system solution. This means: string inverters, DC combiners and a steel container with AC low-voltage distribution, medium-voltage transformer and switchgear are delivered turnkey from a single source.

Award-winning overall concept

In addition to the professional technical execution, which is to ensure the economic efficiency of the project, social aspects were also included in the considerations. The ground on which the solar park will be built is leased from a school. In this way, the project has a double benefit: The income will benefit the school and the region will receive a sustainable, reliable electricity supply.

Based on these cornerstones, First Solar Developers Nepal applied for the Solar Shark Tank Competition 2018. The competition was aimed at local project developers seeking a solid financial basis for their solar projects. Among 41 applications from 24 countries, the jury selected the "Bhrikuti Grid Tied Solar Project" in February 2018 as the winner, who was entitled to a grant of 100,000 dollars. 

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