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Community Solar Gains Support in Maryland

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan today signed a bill into law that eases the ability to launch community solar projects in Maryland. Maryland now joins 10 other states that allow some form of community solar.

Community solar projects expand access to renewable energy by allowing multiple people to invest in or subscribe to one solar energy project and offset a portion of their electric bill from the energy generated through a credit. Projects could be sited in a variety of places, such as on the roof of an apartment building, a community center, a church or in an open field.

The bills create a three-year pilot program that will allow for the construction of community solar projects and will examine the impact of community solar in the state and best practices throughout the US. They will also lead to recommendations to the General Assembly on the merits of a permanent program.

More than 50 community renewable energy projects are currently operating in 17 states.

For more on community solar, read "Community Solar: Plenty of room for growth"

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