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MetalX Racking consists of three small components the roof mount, universal XClamps that fit modules from 30-50mm, and preassembled Couplings to join modules structurally and electrically
Ecolibrium Solar, a provider of fast and simple solar mounting solutions for pitched and low-slope roofs, announces new MetalX Simplified Racking System for Metal Roofs.

Designed to eliminate the costs and shortcomings of installing solar on metal roofs, MetalX delivers the lowest cost per watt with 73% less aluminum, no long rails, fewer attachments, shortened install time, and small components to fit 30-50mm modules.

The simplified racking solution works on corrugated, standing seam and R-panel roofs.

Three small components make up MetalX racking: the roof mount, universal XClamps secure modules ranging from 30-50 millimeters, and preassembled Couplings join modules structurally and electrically to create continuous structure and integrated bonding.

Using EcoX Universal technology, the No. 1 Rail-Less Racking System, no rails are needed and 300kW of racking fit on a single pallet.

Developers who have used MetalX say the elimination of rails significantly reduces weight, costs, installation time and attachments, and provides an appealing aesthetic.

To ensure every project is efficient and successful, Ecolibrium Solar’s experienced project managers select the correct roof mount, do project calculations, layout, and bill of materials, and provide details for permitting and inspection. MetalX is backed by a 25-year warranty.

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