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Midsummer roofing tiles

Developer and supplier of advanced solar energy technology solutions Midsummer today announced the launch of a solar panel exclusively developed for Sweden’s largest manufacturer of roof tiles, Benders, and its most popular Palema model.

The new solar panel is integrated with the Palema roof tile and can be installed on both existing and new Benders roofs. The panel will be manufactured by Midsummer at its factory in Järfälla near Stockholm, Sweden and will be marketed and sold by Benders.

The new solar roof panels will be integrated with Benders’ most popular 2-barrel Palema model. Orders for the new Palema solar tile are accepted with immediate effect and deliveries will commence in October. 

The partnership with Benders forms part of Midsummer’s new strategy to develop and manufacture solar panels in-house and through contract manufacturers and sell them via selected partners. in addition to its core business of production of manufacturing equipment.

Midsummer'sDUO system has taken the position as the most widespread manufacturing tool for flexible CIGS solar cells in the world. Midsummer is today the world leader in the production of light, flexible, robust solar panels with high-energy efficiency.

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