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NRG-ON systems enables users to rapidly deploy and re-deploy mobile power systems

Navitas Systems LLC, a provider of energy-enabled system
solutions and energy storage products for commercial, industrial and
government agency customers, announced its new all-in-one off-grid energy system, called NRG-ON.

The Navitas NRG-ON system is a configurable, rugged, man-transportable remote power system with integrated photovoltaic (PV) generation, energy storage and power electronics. It is a flexible platform allowing factory configurable levels of PV input power and energy storage capacity (lead acid or lithium-ion batteries) to be converted to stable and secure 115/220V AC, 12V DC, and 24V DC power output.

Each power input and output can be independently switched into or out of the system. The system also maintains a high level of safety by
incorporating multiple layers of protection to include short circuit
protection, over-current protection, and externally resettable
protection which is accessed without need of opening the box. The
NRG-ON system enables users to rapidly deploy and re-deploy mobile power systems that require no fuel for continuous, secure power.

The NRG-ON system can come configured with different sized energy storage modules, ranging from 1.2 to 10 kilowatt hours of total capacity. Photovoltaic panel options are also available, ranging from flexible or semi-rigid foldable PV panels, as well as rigid PV panels.

In a recent month-long comparative outdoor test of the NRG-ON system along with energy systems from three other manufacturers, conducted by an independent third party, NRG-ON's ruggedness, user functionality, runtime, and quality were assessed to be the best of all systems tested.

Navitas Systems, founded in 2010 and previously known as MicroSun Innovative Energy Storage Solutions (IESS), and is headquartered in a 100,000 square foot facility in Woodridge Illinois (US). Earlier this year, the company acquired the Government Solutions Group of lithium battery manufacturer A123 Systems

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