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SolarTown net metered installation in India

SolarTown Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a specialist in the sale, lease and installation of solar rooftop systems for residential, commercial and industrial customers in India, announces the installation of a 41 kW net-metered solar rooftop system at the historic Bombay Presidency Radio Club, one of Mumbai’s oldest clubs.

The Bombay Presidency Radio Club, which opened in 1928, gained its name and historical significance for being the first radio station to broadcast in Mumbai. Nearly 100 years later, the Radio Club reaches a new milestone; the first commercial establishment in Mumbai to have a net-metered solar PV system installed on its building. This will enable the Radio Club to sell its excess electricity back to the grid under Brihanmumbai Electric Supply & Transport (BEST) and further reduce its utility bill. The Radio Club is estimated to save more than Rs.8,50,000 annually from its new solar system.

The Radio Club entered into a no upfront cost (after a nominal refundable security deposit), 25-year lease agreement with SolarTown at a rate that is 35 to 40% lower than their utility tariff. The installed system delivers clean power at a fixed cost over the length of the lease and includes maintenance services. The rooftop system will offset 20% of the Radio Club’s energy consumption from the grid and more than 1,189 tons of carbon dioxide over the lifetime of the solar installation.

The Radio Club, located on the Arabian Sea, required a solar PV solution built to withstand wind speeds of 200 kph during monsoons. SolarTown constructed high grade solar structures with a special grade coating coupled with high quality weatherproofing to prevent corrosion. The system was installed over two rooftops to maximize electricity generation.

SolarTown has a performance guarantee along with worry-free O&M service included with all its solar installations, covering any required repairs and replacement parts during the term of the lease.

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