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Braggawatt Energy, a data and analytics e-commerce company, launched the Braggawatt platform, a proprietary online process to help bring distributed energy solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The Braggawatt platform is the only solution specifically built to address financing needs of this massive and underserved market segment. By focusing on a partner-driven model, the platform streamlines opportunity evaluation and project conversions through a set of origination, credit review and financing enablers that unlock immediate and long-term energy-cost savings from clean onsite energy solutions for non- and for-profit clients.

Until now, the non-residential solar market has primarily been financed by a few retail electricity providers, independent power producers and niche investors. However, these options don’t address the true potential within the sizeable and established SME market. Braggawatt developed a partner-centric business model that streamlines the project value integration and drives significant scale through financing certainty and optimization of economic value for end-customers, installers and investors alike.

Braggawatt’s free end-to-end online platform is designed for simple navigation, creation of financing proposals and automation of credit reviews and financing contracts to uniquely address the needs of SME customers.

With the platform, project integrators can:

  • Gain 24/7, autonomous access to a complete suite of actionable financing options.
  • Evaluate and optimize installation pricing to improve profitability and end-customers’ value.
  • Print unlimited customized financing proposals to uniquely address project needs.
  • Achieve financing certainty for incremental, smaller and medium-sized projects.
  • Enhance cash flow management with effective milestone payments.
  • Rely on fast, hassle-free end-customer credit review and project contracts.
  • Use platform free of charge, with no fees or strings attached.

The platform offers investors:

  • Strong deal flow from a proven aggregation platform built on industry best-practices.
  • Project-specific, risk-adjusted pricing via agile scoring framework.
  • Comprehensive, asset-risk specific and transparent credit policy.
  • Superior risk-adjusted IRRs.
  • Streamlined financing process to fund energy projects at scale.

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