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Today LevelTen Energy, a renewable energy procurement platform, launched LevelTen’s Performance Monitoring Software, which provides instant access to all of the critical environmental, economic and energy production data that corporate managers need to effectively monitor and manage one or more PPAs.

The software includes a dashboard of comprehensive performance metrics, including:

  •  Environmental Data: How many renewable energy credits (RECs) the company has received and is expected to receive, and the emissions impact of the project (based on the Environmental Protection Agency’s AVoided Emissions and geneRation Tool, or AVERT). Performance Monitoring taps into the same data feeds that developers use to monitor how many megawatt hours of energy each wind turbine or solar panel is producing, which is used to calculate these metrics.
  • Economic Data: Historical and forecasted settlement cash flow and net present value (NPV). LevelTen customizes each dashboard based on the price and terms of the corporation’s PPA and has direct access to regional energy market data. This means that the software can instantly calculate how much the corporation will owe - or receive - at the settlement period, as well as the current and forecasted NPV.
  • Energy Production Data: The number of megawatt hours of renewable energy generated and sold by the project, and how many megawatt hours the project is expected to produce in the future. This data enables managers to calculate the corporation’s renewable energy usage and determine if the PPA was an effective hedge by comparing the corporation’s energy costs to the settlement cash flow.

In addition to providing a historical look at key performance metrics, Performance Monitoring is directly connected to the latest forward market curves, which means managers can see how a PPA is expected to perform for any given metric. This enables all internal stakeholders to take action (if needed) to reach their goals and manage their budgets. For example, if the renewable energy project has produced more RECs than expected, the sustainability team can adjust their targets accordingly. 

If a corporation has more than one PPA on the books, Performance Monitoring will compile data from all of the PPAs into a single portfolio view. This enables management to see how the corporation’s overall portfolio of investments is performing, and how it could be improved with future investments. In addition to its Performance Monitoring Software, LevelTen Energy offers a variety of related services, including invoice monitoring for settlement payments, REC certification and retirement, and ongoing contract monitoring to ensure compliance among all parties. 

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