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An ink-jet printed perovskite solar module on a flexible substrate An external LED indicates that the module generates power in scattered light conditions

The scientific team of Saule Technologies will present a prototype and answer questions regarding flexible, perovskite photovoltaic modules developed in Poland at the 3rd International Conference on Perovskite Solar Cells and Optoelectronics (PSCO-2017) on 18-20th September in Oxford, UK.

Participants of the PSCO Conference will be shown an operating module printed on an ultra-thin PET foil. Samples available for public viewing will present the stability of a module  and underwater operation for the first time.

  • Obtaining the satisfactory stability of our modules is another, important milestone. We achieved  continuous, undisturbed operation of a module which may be fully immersed in water.  - says Olga Malinkiewicz, PhD, CTO & co-founder at Saule Technologies.

Saule Technologies has pioneered the application of ink-jet printing for the fabrication of perovskite solar modules. This approach offers to use the special properties of halide perovskites to their complete potential, by enabling the production of free-form, light-weight, flexible, semi-transparent and efficient solar cells. These features, combined with the low cost of processing and the minuscule of waste produced by the ink-jet method, provide Saule with the key to develop the most cost-competitive and versatile solar energy technology to date.

  • Achieving stability in water is very crucial especially for the construction industry, where modules need to operate under various atmospheric conditions. In previous months we proved that our modules may harvest light in a  wide range of intensities, now we are presenting a module which does that also under water. - comments Artur Kupczunas, co-CEO & co-founder at Saule Technologies

Thanks to the cooperation with the National Centre for Research and Development, Saule launched one of the most advanced optoelectronic laboratories in Europe. This allowed the company to create an independent lab-scale production line. 20 scientists and engineers are working on upscaling the production to industry level. The prototype production line fabricating solar modules with a nominal power output of 100W/m2 is expected to be presented in Autumn 2018.

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