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Solar still alive in Poland

While Poland still struggles with defining a stable, attractive support for renewables, its native startups promote photovoltaics in a completely different way. 

Solar energy promotion doesn’t seem to appear on the priority list of Polish government. Although according to Polish Energy Policy 2050, photovoltaic capacity in the country will rise to 15.83 GW by 2050, changes are happening very slow and there is no clear view on how renewable incentives will look like.

This chaos made a lot of small Polish solar businesses stop growing, unless offering other products. Nevertheless, there are Polish companies rocking the solar industry in some ways even better than foreign ones.    

Perhaps the best example is a perovskite startup, Saule Technologies commercializing perovskite semiconductor on PET substrates developed by Polish scientist, Olga Malinkiewicz. The technology has great potential to revolutionize the solar power market because the manufacturing cost of this universal material has been extremely reduced. Saule Technologies has already attracted foreign investors.

Poland also has its merits in the production of high strength metallurgical graphene. In fact, Poles already produce graphene on half-industrial scale.

Another Polish startup, EasySolar, quickly realized that soft costs are still a global problem in solar industry and created software that significantly decreases customer acquisition cost. The company awarded for the most promising Polish startup from the energy sector, sells its PV design and sales app in Poland and globally.

PV module production is not well developed in Poland, although there are few PV module factories including Selfa, Bruk-Bet and ML System. The latter is the first factory in the world creating printed innovative OPV cells. ML-System overcame the problem with equipment in this technology, creating large-scale printer to produce dye-sensitized solar cells.

Even though the Polish PV market has been nearly haulted for many years, there are more than 3000 residential small-scale PV installations in Poland (PV plants up 40 kW). Hopefully, we will observe the dynamic growth of solar industry in Poland. Local startups show it's worthy to take this path.

Written by Joanna Giętkowska, International Business Manager, EasySolar twitter: @gietkowska

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