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RGS Energy, the exclusive worldwide manufacturer of the visually stunning POWERHOUSE solar shingle system, reports that the new POWERHOUSE 3.0 solar shingle system has passed UL tests for Class A Fire, the highest Fire rating available. UL Fire tests are required to achieve UL 1703 Certification, the standard for solar photovoltaic modules and panels.

“Passing these tests demonstrates our steady progress towards UL Certification,” commented Brad Bentzen, director of POWERHOUSE division. “Solar tests are now the only tests remaining toward UL 1703 Certification. Given that POWERHOUSE 3.0 uses industry standard silicon technology, we remain confident we will receive full UL 1703 certification by September as anticipated.”

RGS Energy plans to begin sales and installation of POWERHOUSE 3.0 solar shingles immediately following UL 1703 certification. The company has received written reservations for $42 million in potential annual revenue, averaging $1.5 million a day in new reservations since the last announcement.

RGS Energy is America’s Original Solar Company providing solar, storage and energy services whose mission is clean energy savings. The company is the exclusive manufacturer of POWERHOUSE, an innovative in-roof solar shingle using technology developed by The Dow Chemical Company. RGS Energy also sells, designs and installs traditional retrofit solar systems for residential homeowners, commercial businesses, non-profit organizations and government entities. 

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