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Hanwha energy storage

Solare Datensysteme GmbH and Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH, the German subsidiary of the world's largest manufacturer of solar cells, Hanwha Q CELLS Co., Ltd., collaborate on the Q CELLS brand energy storage solution Q.HOME+ ESS-G1. Now, users can control and monitor their Q.HOME+ ESS-G1 energy storage unit using the energy management system Solar-Log from Solare Datensysteme GmbH. PV monitoring, intelligent feed-in management and smart energy solutions allow customers to optimise their power consumption through effective energy management.

Solutions for every home – and every business

The Q.HOME+ ESS-G1 energy storage series is available in three versions with capacities of 3.6 kWh, 6 kWh or 8 kWh. Customers can choose the best version for their household or business, depending on individual average energy consumption. All three versions feature a high-quality lithium-ion battery, combined with an integrated inverter and battery charger. The units offer a 10-year product warranty and a performance warranty of at least 80% after 10 years.
Even though general mobile monitoring has always been possible for these systems, the integration with the Solar-Log solution now makes possible more extensive monitoring and analysis functions.

The Solar-Log WEB Enerest online portal displays all the relevant information on the PV system as well as the Q.HOME+ ESS-G1 energy storage series. This includes measurements, such as the current charge state, and the charging and discharging capacity. As a useful analysis option, the charge history can be displayed for one day or seven days. With Solar-Log, users can also determine how much stored energy they have consumed and how much spending they saved on electricity as a result.

Specially designed for the needs of small PV units in the residential segment, the Gateway Solar-Log 50 and Solar-Log 300 models can also be combined with the Solar-Log WEB Enerest. These and other Solar-Log models are compatible with the Q.HOME+ ESS-G1 energy storage series and offer feed-in management (x % control), either included in the package or via an additional license. With “x % control”, the inverter production is limited to x % of the module output. When the battery is already 100 % charged and there is no other equipment active, this control feature caps power surges in accordance with the Renewable Energy Law.

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