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Reden Solar project

Reden Solar, a solar IPP from France, has just acquired several existing photovoltaic power plants in Portugal, representing a total capacity of 50 MW. The French Solar project developer also announced plans to develop new projects in the country in the coming years.

Reden Solar, which already has a strong presence in France and Latin America, has chosen to continue its European development in Portugal, due to favorable economic prospects and the country's strong commitment to renewable energies. Thanks to the continued support of successive governments in recent years, renewable energy now accounts for 68% of the country's energy mix, making Portugal one of the countries with the highest renewable energy penetration worldwide.

This commitment to green energy is confirmed by the stated objective of the current Government to reach 80% of renewable energy in the energy mix thanks to the development of photovoltaic energy.

The facilities developed to date by Reden Solar represent a cumulative capacity of 330 MW, including 180 MW under its direct ownership. The company is involved in numerous projects at various stages of development or construction representing more than 350 MW, and the company's ambition is to continue to significantly increase its production capacity in the coming years.

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