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Renusol America, a provider of solar PV mounting solutions, has announced its support of a student team from Stevens Institute of Technology in its competition in the Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon 2015. Renusol America donated 60 of its Renusol CS60 one-piece, ballasted PV mounting systems for flat roof applications, along with hardware, and assisted the team in the design and engineering of the solar array.

Stevens Institute of Technology has fielded one of the fourteen college teams from across the country that are competing in the design and build of cost-efficient and energy efficient solar homes. Inspired by Hurricane Sandy’s devastating impact on the New Jersey shoreline, the Stevens Institute of Technology team’s entry, the SURE HOUSE, represents the team’s vision of a sustainable and resilient home for the areas at greatest risk due to rising sea levels and more damaging storms.

When it came to selecting a PV panel mounting solution and designing the rooftop array layout, the Stevens Institute of Technology team turned to the Renusol CS60 mounting system and Renusol America’s engineering team. “Because of the corrosive marine environment and the potential for heavy wind uplift in storms, we needed to stay away from aluminum and other metal mounting systems and be able to adjust the ballast to meet load conditions and the varying wind conditions across the rooftop,” says AJ Elliott, project electrical engineer at Stevens. “The Renusol CS60 is made of heavy duty, durable plastic and as a ‘one piece per panel’, modular system, we could customize panel layout and vary the ballast as needed. The product is also incredibly easy to assemble, and this helped the student team stay within budget.”

NRG Home Solar installed the 32 LG MonoX panels for the 9 kW system, which is expected to generate over $1200 of energy annually. The SURE HOUSE power system supplies more energy than the house needs throughout the year and even produces backup power to support the community during blackouts.2011, and 2013.Stevens is home to three national research centers of excellence, as well as joint research programs focused on critical industries such as healthcare, energy, finance, defense, maritime security, STEM education and coastal sustainability. Stevens is in the midst of a 10-year strategic plan, The Future. Ours to Create., designed to further extend the Stevens legacy to create a forward-looking and far-reaching institution with global impact.

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