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Solar rooftop in Amman

The globally active manufacturer of solar mounting systems Schletter Group has concluded another rooftop project in Jordan. The installation on the roof of a steel processing plant in Amman generates up to 1,053 kWp of clean solar power.

The end customer of this project specifically asked for the PV panels to be attached directly to the sheet metal of the roof. For that reason, the 3,240 panels were mounted using the Schletter system SingleFix-Vario, which is designed to allow mounting the array directly to the cladding in case of self-supporting trapezoidal sheet metal roofs. This requires no additional support structures, which in turn significantly reduces construction time. There is also less physical load on the roof structure. Nevertheless, the system is highly robust: Laterally fastening the mounting system SingleFix to the raised bead of the trapezoidal metal roof cladding allows ideal spreading of the loads throughout the sheet metal. This prevents the roof from buckling or even tearing.

The project developer was Amman-based Al Hayakel Renewable Engergy Co. (Maani). The Schletter Group has been cooperating with this company for a number of years now, and has already realised projects with them on the order of more than 8,5 megawatts. Another joint 1.2-megawatt project outside of Jordan is already being planned and construction is due to start next January.

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