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Connecticut may nix net metering

Following is a statement by Sean Gallagher, vice president of state affairs for the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), in response to the energy bill the Connecticut Senate passed this week:

"While we are in favor of legislation that genuinely advances solar energy, we have concerns about this bill. We support stronger renewable portfolio standards, yet it is not clear to what extent the bill would open significant large-scale or community solar markets. And importantly, any approach that doesn't also protect customer choice and provide for reasonable compensation for the value of customer-generated electricity is not acceptable. 

"As other states in New England and across the United States have shown, strong rooftop solar policies, paired with real opportunity for utility scale and community solar projects, creates jobs, stimulates economic growth, and gives consumers ways to save money.

"Ninety percent of Americans support solar energy. In order for this bill to truly represent the values of Constitution State residents, it must include strong RPS and community solar provisions and refrain from gutting net energy metering. We are concerned that this particular approach falls short, and it should not be considered a model in Connecticut or anywhere else."

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