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With Intersolar Europe taking place last week in Munich (Germany) and Intersolar North America starting up in just a few weeks in San Francisco (US), the solar industry is presented with wide-ranging, innovative new solutions that ease installations, bring down costs, enhance efficiency and even improve aesthetics. Here are just six picks presented at Intersolar Europe 2018:

Bi-facial and shingle-type solar modules

Canadian Solar recently introduced its next-generation solar modules. These include the BiK, HiKu and HiDM modules. The BiKu modules are high-efficiency dual-cell bifacial modules with up to 365W of power output on the front side and 75% bifaciality, increasing energy yield up to 30%. HiKu poly modules are designed for utility use, with output exceeding 400W. The HiDM is a shingle-type of module with an efficiency reaching 20.2%. The power output of a 60-cell mono HiDM module can reach 335MW.

All-in-One energy storage monitoring

Solare Datensysteme GmbH and Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH are releasing the Q.HOME+ ESS-G1. This energy storage solution is designed for solar installations of up to 10kWp. It has a three-phase inverter, Samsung lithium-ion batteries and a built9in web server for monitoring the system over the internet. The system is currently available in Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

Maintenance-free, deep-cycle batteries

Trojan Battery just added a Group 31 size battery to its line of maintenance-free, true deep-cycle absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries for solar and other renewable energy applications. The new SAGM 12 105 features a non-spillable design, so that batteries can be used in the position best suited for the customer’s application.

Microinverters continue to evolve

Enphase Energy just introduced its Enphase IQ microinverters in Europe, making the company’s first entry into the Germany and Austria solar markets. This seventh generation of the IQ microinverters with only 1.08 kg and offer a compact form factor (they are 15% smaller than the M250s that they are replacing) while producing 18% more power. They offer quick installation with two-wire AC cabling. They also support solar panels of up to 440W as well as 60- and 72-cell modules.

Electric vehicle charger offers more flexibility

SolarEdge is providing a standalone EV charger that offers system design flexibility, especially for sites where the inverter and EV charger cannot be installed at the same location. The new EV charger can be integrated into SolarEdge’s smart energy suite, and, thus, EV charging can be controlled and programmed.

State-of-the art manufacturing systems

The Schmid Group’s production systems for both solar and energy storage incorporate the latest processes, such as Alkaline Edge Isolation, used for edge isolation and rear side polishing of high-efficiency cell, which doesn’t require use of nitric acid.  Another process technology is DQ PreTex, which enables the subsequent processing of diamond-wire sawn wafers with the standard texture HF/HN03. And Schmid is using Atmospheric Pressure chemical Vapor Deposition (APCVD) for mass production of high-efficiency solar cells. Its product family EverFlow, Schmid is offering energy storage solutions based on Vanadium Redox Flow technology. And its EverFlow storage containers can be configured to match the power and capacity demands of applications.

Written by Anne Fischer, Managing Editor, Solar Novus Today

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