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SMA now offers the SMA Energy System Home to the U.S. residential market. The SMA Energy System Home represents the company’s most complete offering for North America to date, delivering value to homeowners through backup power and energy management functionality, and simplicity to solar professionals with a complete, single-sourced solution for residential energy storage.

The SMA Energy System Home includes a Sunny Boy 6.0-US battery inverter and a10 kWh battery from BYD, one of the world’s leading producers of battery technology. The system is available in two variants. The first includes the fully integrated Automatic Backup Unit, which simplifies installation for backup use cases. Whole-home backup can quickly and easily be achieved, or specific loads can be identified and protected.

The second variant is for users exclusively focused on home energy management. This allows users to optimize rates and power consumption, as well as participate in unique markets, like Hawaii, with zero export grid requirements. Furthermore, even systems designed for energy management come with SMA’s exclusive Backup Lite feature, which allows users to access 2,000 watts of available power via a manual switch.

The SMA Energy System Home provides across-the-board efficiencies and logistical simplicity for installers and distributors. Sourcing all components from a single supplier simplifies service and support while comprehensive offerings allow for the most trouble-free installation and commissioning. Up to three high-voltage batteries can be connected to a single Sunny Boy Storage-US, simplifying installation, reducing labor and cutting balance-of-system costs.

Unlike most storage systems that are limited to installation in conjunction with new PV, the AC coupled architecture allows for new PV or retrofit installations. Solar professionals can now leverage their existing clientele and provide additional benefits with a storage solution that can be added at any time.

The system pairs with the Sunny Portal PV monitoring platform to monitor and control home energy usage. Further value is delivered by SMA Smart Connected, a proactive service solution that comes standard with the SMA Energy System Home. Smart Connected ensures that uptime is maximized for the homeowner while service truck rolls for installers can be cut in half.

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