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Residential Storage

As energy storage becomes increasingly important, SMA is continuing to invest in its offerings and is now delivering the Sunny Boy Storage-US inverter and Automatic Backup Unit. While other manufacturers offer a simple transfer switch and a number of separate components that must be purchased, SMA provides a complete solution with all parts integrated into one fully automated backup solution.

The highly integrated Automatic Backup Unit consists of several components. The first is a 200 Amp rated contactor, which automatically disconnects the home energy system from grid power during a power outage. It then automatically reconnects the home energy system to the grid once it is safe to do so. Next, an autotransformer will balance up to 5 kVA of imbalance across phases, reducing the potential for system interruption during backup mode operation due to imbalanced loads within the home. The solution also includes built-in energy consumption metering with pre-installed current transformers, which will eliminate the need for additional hardware and labor. Two 50 Amp breakers are included for landing PV and energy storage inverter output, which also reduces hardware needs. Finally, the Automatic Backup Unit will feature an SMA backup controller, which manages and stabilizes the microgrid by monitoring solar generation, load consumption and battery state-of-charge.

SMA also offers a solution for backing up lighter household loads, which does not require the Automatic Backup Unit or any additional hardware. SMA’s Backup Lite is a manual transfer switch that can be configured to deliver up to 2,000 watts of continuous power during the day or night, offering homeowners a cost-effective solution and peace of mind in the event of a grid outage.

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