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Hanwha C Cells at SNEC

Hanwha Q CELLS, a producer of solar cells and modules, announced that it will participate at SNEC 2018 PV POWER EXPO, the largest solar trade show in China from May 28 to May 30, 2018, at Booth N1-320. The advanced technologies, solar cells and modules, as well as PV solutions from around the world will be showcased there.

During the exhibition, Hanwha Q CELLS will introduce the ‘Q.PEAK-G5’ series to the Chinese market. These monocrystalline solar modules combine Q CELLS’ proprietary Q.ANTUM cell technology with six bus-bars.

With Q.ANTUM technology’s long-term yield security, featuring Anti-PID technology, Hot-Spot Protect, Traceable Quality Tra.Q and Anti Lid Technology (LID and LeTID), the Q. PEAK-G5 series will not only come with high power classes, but also function excellently in low-light or high-temperature conditions. The six bus-bar technology provides better efficiency and reliability by narrowing the distance between the bus-bars.

The powerful combination of these two advanced technologies results in the Q.PEAK-G5 series, which deliver outstanding performance under real conditions. Thus, the 60-cell Q.PEAK-G5 will reach power outputs of up to 310Wp, and the 72-cells Q.PEAK L-G5 produces up to 370Wp.

By the first quarter of 2018, Hanwha Q CELLS reached a total of 8 GW of its proprietary Q.ANTUM solar cells from commercial mass production, which demonstrates its industry leadership in PERC technology. Hanwha Q CELLS reports that it is the only enterprise that owns mass production technology of six bus-bar technology. It is the optimal combination of these unique technologies that creates the superior solar module Q.PEAK series.

In September 2017, Hanwha Q CELLS launched its Q.Partners Program in China. The Company‘s international brand reputation, high-quality products and wide range of services has been attracting many installers and wholesalers. At the SNEC exhibition, the Company will give a detailed introduction of the Q.Partners program and provide a convenient collaboration platform for the customers.

Both the Q.PEAK G5 New Product Launch and Q.Partners Program Introduction will be held on the afternoon of May 28. The Company will also hold events over the course of three days, in which participants can engage in various games to win prizes.

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