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Northwestern Enable House

The US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2017 teams must develop and implement communications strategies to engage their local communities, provide free tours to visitors during the event in Denver, and make an impact across the world through their digital presence and media outreach.

Northwestern earned 96 points to take the top spot in the competition. UC Davis was second with 85 points and the Swiss team earned the third spot with 75 points.

A jury of communications professionals evaluated each team's communication strategies, materials, and efforts to educate, inform, and interest the public using the following criteria.

  • Strategy
    • How well did the team’s communications materials and activities work together to convey a comprehensive, consistent, and integrated communications strategy?
    • How clearly defined are the team’s target audiences and communications goals?
    • How creative, original, and successful are the team’s communications strategies?
    • How well do the team’s communications strategies align with the team’s stated goals and objectives?
  • Implementation
  • How successfully did the team conduct outreach and education in its local market?
  • How successfully does the team incorporate digital communications strategies and products to engage online audiences?
  • How effective are the team’s educational and outreach messages about the Solar Decathlon, the team, and the design?
  • How informative, interesting, engaging, and audience-appropriate was the team’s personalized tour?
  • How effectively does the team use on-site features, displays, models, or other materials to engage and educate the public?
  • How effective is the team’s strategy for accommodating large crowds and long lines?
  • How well do the on-site communications materials educate and inform the visiting public?
  • On-Site Communications

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