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Solar FlexRack, a division of Northern States Metals and specialist in solar tracker, mounting and project support services, now offers a new, integrated Self Powered Solution for its TDP Solar Trackers. The technology simplifies the installation process by greatly reducing AC wiring and associated trenching, and providing a highly reliable system for large-scale and commercial ground-mounted solar installations.

The Solar FlexRack Self Powered option for the TDP Solar Tracker line is powered by a photovoltaic (PV) module and backed up with a rechargeable lithium iron phosphate battery. Providing reliable, green energy storage, the high-quality battery delivers optimum charging and extended life. The fully bankable technology includes integrated battery and charger, DC motor actuation, stand-alone functionality, high precision voltage and current sensing, crystalline silicon module and mounting hardware.

Each tracker has its own independent controller with the Solar FlexRack Self Powered Solution allowing your solar farm the greatest amount of flexibility and best overall equipment availability. Commissioning is simplified with user-friendly, LED code interface and keypad.

Bundled with project support services, Solar FlexRack’s next-generation solar tracker solutions offer solar developers and EPCs more options to optimize their projects’ designs and installations for increased energy yields and reduced installation risks. 

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