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Solar LED streetlight

ClearWorld, L.L.C. and Nassau Bay, Texas (US), announced plans to replace all city streetlights with new poles and ClearWorld’s Solar LED Streetlight solution. The first 50 will be installed this summer and approximately 250 total will eventually be replaced.

The selection of ClearWorld, which has a unique patent on their lights allowing them to be retrofitted to fit any existing light pole, saves replacement costs for existing infrastructure when a pole and electrical trenching is not necessary. The lights are not affected by flooding, can withstand up to 150 MPH wind, and can last up to 8-10 days with low light conditions.  In this case, however, the city is replacing the poles and the lights.

Nassau Bay will replace 50 streetlights with this order, which received approval to replace all poles and lights from the city council. These 50 lights and poles will replace existing problematic lights that are in the worst condition due to the aging infrastructure and in need of the most immediate replacement. These lights are located throughout the city and not in one specific area. ClearWorld indicates that they will have a pre-construction meeting in mid-June where they will set the construction schedule that they anticipate to begin shortly thereafter.

With the new lights, the city looks forward to safer and brighter lit areas throughout the local neighborhoods. In the past, lights were maintained only when civilians or officers on duty alerted city officials. Now, the lights will have a wireless monitoring system to expedite the maintenance process and advise city officials of performance through a web-based management software portal. The advanced software allows users to remotely monitor and manage lights to include the operating schedule and on/off powering, dimming, power metering for each light, performance monitoring to include notifications using email and text messaging, as well as a Google Maps interface to pinpoint location.

Not only will the lights bring safety and a reliable light source through severe weather conditions, they also prove to accumulate a vast amount of savings. 

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