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TerraSmart expands

TerraSmart, a specialist in turnkey mounting solutions, has grown more than 200%in the past two years, and the company projects even more record growth in 2016.

To support the 600 megawatts of solar projects it expects to install by the end of the year, the company moved into a recently renovated 70,000-square-foot facility, equipped with cutting-edge manufacturing equipment that increases production velocity — positioning TerraSmart to accommodate the ever-increasing demand for its solar-mounting solutions and new product development. The facility is located in Columbus, Ohio (US).

TerraSmart’s commitment to ensuring a pipeline of internally trained and dedicated professionals led the company to hire the following new team members:

  • Jennifer Degtjarewsky, Marketing Director
  • Michael Faraone, Geotechnical Engineer
  • Harley Haney, Business Development
  • Vincent Magaro, Safety Manager
  • Randy Smith, Field Operations
  • Andrew Weber, Sr. Project Manager

TerraSmart's turnkey system is designed for commercial to utility-scale solar projects, especially those on difficult terrain. 

TerraSmart’s innovative ground screw foundation and racking systems minimize project risks, ensuring successful installation in all soil types, and offering the most cost effective solution, the company reports.

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