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Waialua High solarstorage cooling

Students at Hawaii’s Waialua High and Intermediate on the island of O’ahu are returning to school this year to solar PV and energy storage-powered air conditioned classrooms from project partners SimpliPhi PowerAmeresco Solar and Haleakala Solar. As part of the statewide Heat Abatement Program, schools can receive hybrid solar air conditioning units and implement other cooling strategies to bring relief to students currently enduring sweltering educational environments that can reach up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and make learning a challenge. The solution of classroom AC powered by solar and energy storage helps to control energy costs for schools, which until now has been a major barrier to adding AC to classrooms.

Each cabinet is built to house seven or ten SimpliPhi PHI 3.4kWh batteries as part of a hybrid, solar powered off-grid system for two or four ton air conditioners, respectively. Ameresco designed the systems to hold up to 16 batteries to streamline future expansion.

In addition to this first project to be installed in Waialua, the companies have another 1.4MWh of SimpliPhi storage lined up for school AC projects across Hawaii. 

SimpliPhi has over six years of experience creating non-toxic, safe energy storage solutions for schools needing critical power to create an environment that is conducive to learning. The company has announced a crowdfunding campaign to bring sustainable energy storage to students on remote Fiji Islands. In partnership with nonprofits The Last Kilometer and Its Time Foundation, SimpliPhi has committed $40,000 toward an $80,000 campaign goal to help accelerate adoption of sustainable energy solutions for 200 schoolchildren with a 1:1 matching campaign. Donations can be made at

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