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Soligent Distribution the largest distribution channel for solar in the Americas, and Solaria Corporation, a global provider of solar module technologies, announced that they are introducing the PowerXT 350Wp, optimized for residential deployment, to Soligent’s network of 5,000 solar installers in the US and across 45 countries.  

Delivering high power and highly aesthetically-pleasing PV panels, Solaria’s patented PowerXT 350W modules maximize system power and performance. 

Invaleon Solar Technologies, a Soligent Dealer who has installed over 25MW of solar projects in Massachusetts in the last year alone, will be the first to install the new Solaria 350W modules after several successful installs with Solaria 325W and 330W modules. 

Solaria PowerXT 350W modules build on the success of the Solaria PowerXT 325W and 330W which have been in high demand among Soligent installers. For Peggy Matson, owner of Auburn Solar, a certified Gold Soligent Elite Dealer operating Northeast of Sacramento, looks matter.  

Solaria’s high output PowerXT 350 modules –60 cell equivalent, with a black back sheet– are built on the company’s proprietary technology, which utilizes advanced cell interconnect and module production processes. Through these patented technology / techniques, Solaria has created a new standard in PV module efficiency and reduction in system costs. PowerXT significantly boosts power generation while eliminating reliability challenges that can reduce conventional PV modules’ long-term performance. This ensures that solar installers maximize power deployment on customer roofs – enabling them to install attractive, cost-effective distributed power plants that accelerate payback period and profitability. 

Solaria PowerXT 350Wp modules will be available for installation in Q1 2018 via Soligent. 

Solaria PowerXT 330Wp modules are currently available through Soligent.

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