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SolarMax energy storage

SolarMax Technology introduced a new model of its FLEX Energy Storage System that more than doubles the amount of power homeowners can access when the grid goes down. The 10kWh FLEX Energy Storage System, which combines two batteries with an inverter, targets the US residential housing market.

Unlike many battery back-up systems, the FLEX requires no additional components or labor assembly by the customer. The fully integrated, all-in-one design saves consumers thousands compared to existing "ala carte" solutions that require the purchase of separate component parts in order to achieve comparable functionality.   

The lithium-ion powered batteries pack plenty of electricity when fully charged. When coupled with solar, the FLEX system can power a refrigerator, flat screen TV, laptop computer and five 7-watt LED lights for days after an outage – while still having enough power to keep a life-saving oxygen machine running for multiple hours. 

SolarMax will continue focusing its marketing efforts on existing solar customers, homeowners considering the value proposition of converting to solar, and even non-solar customers who simply want a reliable source of power when blackouts occur.

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