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eSolar announced a new heliostat offering along with molten salt power tower

eSolar, a developer of modular, scalable concentrating solar power (CSP) technology, is unveiling two new product offerings during the 2013 SolarPACES conference, this week 17 to 20 September in Las Vegas, Nevada (US).

This news follows the announcement of eSolar's $22 million funding tranche to support expansion into the Middle East and North Africa, where the company's technology can generate steam for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations as well as desalination and industrial process heat applications.

Yesterday eSolar Project Manager Plazi Ricklin showcased the company's new heliostat offering, the SCS5, during the "Solar Collectors" conference session. Expanding upon eSolar's time-tested approach to solar collection, the SCS5 offers a more simplified design and enhanced reliability to reduce total installed solar collection system cost by more than a third. SCS5 will be commercially available in early 2014.

eSolar will also unveil its molten salt power tower with energy storage capabilities during the SolarPACES conference. eSolar Fellow Craig Tyner presented the design yesterday during the "CSP Systems" session. This scalable solution can be implemented for peaking power plant applications through large baseload plants, and with minimal scale-up risk. Additionally, thanks to a modular design, power towers can be easily replicated at project sites to create plants as large as 200MW with up to 75% capacity factor. This means storage enables the plant to deliver its full power output 75% of the time compared to typically less than 30 percent for systems without storage.

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